Sep 052008

As anyone who tried to reach me last week knows, I was on vacation. I’m not always inclined to post on a public blog or website that I’ll be away from home for an extended period of time. Thieves and stalkers read the internet too, kids. Usually, I’ll try to return phone calls same day, even on vacation, but where I was staying, the beautiful seaside village of Yachats, Oregon, got absolutely awful cell reception. For better or worse, most of the folks who contacted me were looking for that weekend so there was really no need for us to converse over my one bar of connectivity anyway.

I’d almost feel bad…but something about my being VERY clear on my website that folks might want to plan ahead when trying to make plans to see me…silly rabbits.

In either event, work stuff was not allowed to intrude on what was a wonderfully relaxing getaway with a couple of girlfriends…well I mostly left my leather self at home. But as ya’ll know, being a Domme isn’t just what I do, its a major part of who I am so there’s no way I can ever leave it fully at home. No, I wasn’t doing beach based BDSM but there were a few moments that I think my pervy readers here might appreciate. If you want the full story, mundane details and all, I guess you’ll just have to make plans to see me.

Significant moment number one came about Saturday night over dinner. The girls and I had gone into town to avail ourselves of some of the local cuisine. Blondie’s folks live in the area and her wife the Thai Goddess has also spent some time there, and they both agreed that the Driftwood, a combo restaurant/bar popular with locals more then tourists, was the best choice. Because it was a Saturday night we scored some live music, a very earnest and talented young man named Ehren.

I was enjoying the musical accompaniment to our meal and had already decided to pick up one of his CDs when Blondie, feeling a bit rowdy from her gin and tonic combined with the Kava Kava I’d given her earlier(sorry again ladies, I didn’t mean to roofie you) picked up on the attention I was giving his performance. Now both of these ladies, happily ensconced in a five year union, like to play yenta with me in a way that I still(usually) find charming. Charming because neither one of them is very good at it even when their target is open to the idea. SO Blondie dared me to go up and buy one of his CDs. Again, was already in my game plan, but if she wanted to offer up something fun to “make” me do so, I didn’t want to be rude. After a bit of haggling it was agreed, and shook on, that if I went up and bought a CD she owed me three topless turns around a bonfire. Then I confessed that buying a CD had been my plan all along so she tried to up the ante by requiring me to get, or give, a phone number, can’t remember which. But it doesn’t really matter since we’d already sealed the bet and I have a pretty solid policy on overt passes at employees. A little flirting is one thing, most people find that flattering, especially coming from a quick to smile, hot, petite redhead. But trying to take things to the next level with someone who is at work and can’t just leave or ignore you = skeezie and inappropriate. Now if the hot waiter/waitress/stripper/musician/etc wants to give ME their number at the end of our business dealings that’s fine. But as aggressive a predator as I am, I will only take things so far in the above circumstance.

Anyhoo, much yummy food and potent wine later our bard was closing up his set. Without any notice to my table companions I popped up, walked to the front of the small stage, and asked to buy a CD. I didn’t have any change for my $20 so I told him to keep the rest as a tip(there was a big jar right there so obviously he was open to them). But he didn’t feel right about that and tried to give me change from his jar I said I wouldn’t take more then two dollars so somehow I ended up with two CDs.

Now I’m a chatty gal. I also talk to strangers on a regular basis. Specifically strangers that might be incredibly nervous to be in my presence and are having a hard time remembering how to string together words into a full sentence. Talking to a musician is no big thing. Especially one that has the cojones to play a gig like that one. Competing with food, dinner companion’s conversations and the big screen TV over the bar. I’d complemented him on this, citing my own theater background as the source of my empathy. Being a gregarious guy himself he asked what type of theater I did and I confessed that I have retired from such things for awhile…so he asked what I do now…

There are a few situations were I will respond to this question, or variations there of, by saying I am a seamstress and interior stylist, two things which I have a license for and technically still do dabble at. Usually its what I’ll say when I can tell I’m talking to an uppity prig who has temporary power over me. Like at the DMV. I don’t bother with that line in most social situations, when I’m talking to people that I care about, or find interesting enough to get to know. My general feeling is that I have nothing to apologize for or feel ashamed about and that if someone is going to have a problem with what I do…well that’s their issues not mine. I also look at such revelations as a way to stay politically active. Much like LGBT folks being open about their identity helps the gay movement. Creating little moments of “Wow. You’re such a nice person and seem really cool and you do what?”

So after a few false starts while I debated dodging the question, again didn’t want him to think I was hitting on him, I was honest.

“I spank people for a living”

Yeah, that is the less threatening, cartoon version of my job title, but thanks to the internets most grown-ups instantly know what I’m talking about.

I don’t know what he was expecting but I’m pretty sure that wasn’t even on the list. Now having an arts background myself I sometimes take it for granted that most artist, if not kinky little bitches themselves, at least have friends who are. So, yes, he knew what I’d just told him meant but when he was clearly overwhelmed with a world of questions that left him stuttering for a full four minutes(suddenly reminding me of some of my clients) I wondered if it might be his first time talking with an out kinky person. I jokingly informed him that he only got to ask me one question so he better make it a good one.

Much to my happiness he did – “How does a person get into something like that?” I’m pretty sure he was referring to my career and not kink in general.

My response was one I felt he, and hopefully most folks who’ve chosen to stray from the safe straight and narrow employment path, would understand “It’s like anything really, find something you feel passionate about and see if you can support yourself doing it.”

Breaking from the pack can be a risky endeavor no matter which path you start forging for yourself. But the view from here is pretty amazing even when things are hard. Not being surrounded by others struggling along the same soul-sucking street really does offer up some vistas you would otherwise miss. We had a nice little chat about outsider perspective, though neither one of us called it that. Then I said it been very nice to meet him, shook his hand, thanked him again for the music and returned to my table before he read too much into our conversation…or the two cheshire grins of my companions. I don’t like to make people feel awkward outside of designated session time.

If you’re curious you should check him out. In addition to being a nice guy to talk to, he’s a very accomplished musician, singer and song writer who could so easily become famous its disturbing:

Oh, and the other big kinky thing was watching porn on her laptop with the Thai Goddess. She and Blondie have recently become utterly hooked on the site Whipped Ass. I have to say that of the three video we watched I was very impressed. Not your usual screechy and ridiculous fem domme porn. Very real and very hard core. I’d have been happy to see a bit more variety, as non stop heavy sadism gets a bit old after awhile but I have yet to fully explore the site. Looking forward to that homework very much. Blondie is a big fan of Sandra, who I agree is very skilled and has an amazing booty. I’m more with TG in her appreciation of Claire Adam’s cool, subtly stated and wickedly sadistic style. I also like that all the videos include the pre-session interview as well as a postmortem.

As last weekend, all told, was practically perversion free compared to my usual diet I feel the need to get into some trouble THIS weekend. I’d planned on taking it easy and having some quite time but thanks to that isn’t sounding as appealing. I may actually have to take myself out on the town tomorrow night. Pals, if you’re interested in joining me drop me an email or give me a call. Potential playmates, Sunday is still open if you’d like to help me in my search for one-on-one kinky fun. Just make sure to call me before Saturday afternoon or don’t expect to catch me before next week.

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