Few quick things…

First up, going to the Grind tonight with my buddy Mok. If you see me there come say hi.


In other CSPC news, while responding to a post on The Hang I clicked over to the Paradise Unbound pages. I’d toyed with the idea of attending this years event, but I’m very happy with the alternative plans I’ve made that involve a couple good friends and a whole lot of ocean. But on yesterday’s visit to the site I noticed that they’d posted directions…and dang it if they aren’t all but down the street from my new favorite sex monkey!!! So with this in mind(and plans that would have me out there anyway in place) I hope to invade the event on Wednesday, catch Allena’s sure to be useful and fun poly workshops, and take a nice long look around. Part of my reluctance to commit to this year was that I couldn’t mentally picture what the space would be like. Well now I’ll know.

For those of you who are also intrigued they’ve got free open house thing going on Tuesday night at 7pm, which even includes a complementary rope bondage workshop. I’ll be busy getting ready for my trip but for the curious who’d like to avoid the $45 for a day of play, Tuesday would be a good time to get your feet wet.


And last up, for my buddy Bull, a couple of pictures of my handy work from our session last week. A little experiment with play pierceings, my Girl Scout beading skills and, um, naughty Scrabble…if needles freak you out don’t click the link silly.

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