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New podcast over at the Midwest Teen Sex show about…guess. Fabulous and funny as usual, no NSFW images but turn down the volume or wear your headphones. They’re also doing a funding drive. So throw some money their way.

And can I just say I have the biggest damn crush on Nikol.

Another way of showing some support would be to visit their on-line store and pick up some sassy shirts. I already have the cows fucking logo tank top but I plan on ordering the “Thanks masturbation!” one before the next masturbation night over at CSPC. Trying to decide if I should order it in the same size as the other one. It was a little on the snug side, but that just makes my headlights look extra bright, so not necessarily a big bad.

Speaking of shopping and sexy sites, I’ve updated the links page over on my website. There’s a few new things on there, like Paddle Daddy, The Stockroom, Visioluxus and Violet Blue. And whether you’re looking for gift ideas or not I HIGHLY recommend visiting the Agent Provocateur website. So. Damn. Hot. But so very NSFW.

Last recommendation of the day, Check out the trailer for this interesting cinematic offering:

“”BDSM: It’s Not What You Think” is a half hour documentary that confronts stigma and stereotypes surrounding kink and fetish play through leading voices within the BDSM community. With intimate interviews and playful vignettes this film targets progressive outsiders and guides them through the minefield of misconceptions and prejudices that kinksters must routinely face”

That may sound a bit dry and preachy but I’m quite sure that this movie will be fun as well as informative and may provide some useful tools, to not just better understand your own kinky nature, but ways to explain it to others in your life. I’ll be keeping watch to see when this one makes it to Seattle and will be sure to post that info here. But feel free to sign up for their email update list yourself.

That’s all from the front lines. Now get out there and catch some of that sunshine…

nakid sunbathing encouraged…

send pictures.

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