May 092008

This post is a bunch of general announcements and news that has been gathering up over the last week or so like dust bunnies in corners. So here’s me sweepin things out.

First an event announcement. I may be attending this event tomorrow night:

It depends entirely on if I’m able to talk any of my posse into joining me and IF the obligatory Mom’s Day visit out at the homestead doesn’t leave me completely wiped out. But I’ve heard lots of great things about this event and it’s sure to be tons of sexy fun. If you don’t have plans, you should check it out. It’s sort of a buffet of kink. They’ve even got the 10 minutes with a Domme sample platter. Right between the cold cuts and the seafood salad.

Next up…PRETTY!! My Eliza Valdez photos have arrived. I’ve got a lot of framing to do which might happen this weekend. And then I’ll post pictures of all the art in its new home. I knew they’d all be beautiful but seeing them to scale and on extra shiny paper…just wow.

Other fun on-line purchases that arrived recently:

Been bad? Need to be spanked?

I found Paddle Daddy quite awhile back. At the time I took special note of the fact that he had paddles made out of Madrona. But upon a return visit to his site a few months later, no such luck. I’d emailed him my interest and he got back to me with a promise to let me know just as soon as he got some Madrona wood in stock. He only works with salvaged wood which was a key element in my willingness to purchase anything made out of a tree that I hold sacred. Well, a month back he emailed me with the good news. So now this lovely piece of craftsmanship has joined my very large percussive toy family. I even got a chance to break her in a few days ago with a new playmate who was in need of some birthday spankings. Lucky for me he had many years to commemorate. Lucky for him he has a high pain threshold.

Anyhoo, Paddle Daddy rocks! In addition to top quality hand-crafted paddles, he also creates some of the sexiest dungeon furniture I’ve ever seen as well as some very classic leather daddy type slappers, collars and slings. And with it all comes impeccable customer service. Can’t recommend him more highly.

And then…Titties!

These were something I’ve been wanting to get for a while now. I think the only thing that has kept me from doing so is that a number of the boys-who-like-to-dress-like-girls that I play with already have their own. And of course now that I own the damn things I wish I’d picked them up sooner. So if you’re into feminization I am very much in the mood. They feel so wonderfully life-like…all thats missing is body heat.

This next toy is just for me:

After my fabulous pod-cast conversation with my good pal Valerie(see last post) I revisited her website and spent some time on her toy review page. We had talked about the Hitachi Magic Wand during our pod-cast and both of use had mixed feelings regarding the so-called “Cadillac of Vibrators”. I can’t use it for direct clit stimulation which is my preference. But it does an almost too effective job of getting me off when I use the Gonzo like sleeve attachment. And though it’s too much vibe for my tender clit, it can be fun to use torturing other peoples happy bits. It’s a great toy to use on boys. Just press it up against the taint and give their prostate a buzz.

So even though I have found other uses for my Hitachi I was intrigued by her description of this space-age looking adapter. I’ll post my opinion once I’ve given it a few test drives. But at the moment I’m…opptimistic.

Speaking of boy bits, ya’ll know how much of a cheerleader I am when it comes to boys getting in touch with their p-spot. Well, while shopping for toys for my own happy parts I noticed that The Stockroom has the Anerous toy(which I recommend and link to on my website) on sale at the moment. Take it as a sign from what ever god you believe in that now is the time to buy:

Also coming soon(heh heh heh), my review of the movie Lars and the Real Girl, the wonderfully graphic novel trilogy Lost Girls, and Fetish 101 by Czernich. I’m also back to writing my own porn so hopefully I’ll have some of that up soon too. And I still owe Hypnox that labia post…guess I’m just saying bookmark this blog as I’ve got lots more fun stuff on the way.

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