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So last night was absolutely fabulous as predicted. If it was actually possible I think it was even more cruise-y then any SEAF I’ve been to so far. That might have had to do with the floor plan which was really just a great big open space with a stage at one end in the middle. Additionally, though I knew this was supposed to be a gala and a retrospective of previous SEAFs, I was surprised by the relatively small amount of art on display.

I would have been disappointed but as it was I never even got the chance to see all of what was there. One of the reasons I appreciate SEAF typically being a multi day event is that its sort of like going to Kinky Disneyworld. There’s just no way that you’ll be able to see and do everything you want in just one day.

And last night was all about schmoozing. In addition to getting to, somewhat drunkenly, scamper and strut around with my super sexy pals Nina and Amie, I had some fun buzz-bys with a few other reps from my regular crew and even had some spank-tastic interaction with a few strangers. I also got to have a few exchanges with some of my favorite artists. Roger of Circle 23, evil little instigator, was responsible for one of the spontaneous spankings I did that evening. The willing victim was a very pretty boy in a skin tight(is there any other) latex tank dress, thigh-high fishnet stockings and the type of heels I’d never be willing to suffer through outside the bedroom. Krysztof, of Charm School fame, was bemoaning the fact that these type of events result in social ADD. There’s just so much going on, and so many folks to say hi to, its not even a good idea to bring a date. Although the lovely rubber clad girl that I spotted him with a couple of times seemed like good company. She definitely got on my good side by letting me play with her sweet rubber clad bottom. I was totally surprised to see Hypnox there, given that he’d been food poisoned the day before. But, total bad-ass that he is, he drove up from Portland and he was there looking only the littlest bit pale. I’m looking forward to seeing him at the next Sake event and maybe getting a peek at the some 4000(!!!) images he hasn’t had the chance to post anywhere yet.

Aside from my own mini dramas, I didn’t really get a chance to see any of the performances. Which was more an issue of my height then my interest. I would have had to push my way to the front of the crowd surrounding the stage and it just wasn’t worth it to me. But they sounded like they were well received by the audience.

SO, big news of the night, as I’d mentioned in my previous post I was planning on picking up some of Ms. Valdez’s pretty little pendants. Well, I got to the event later then I’d planned and once there was distracted by the schmoozing and boozing and didn’t make it over to the gallery store in time. There were a few left, but not of the images that I’d wanted. I was very sad, until Amie asked if I’d seen the pieces that she’d sent for the show. I’d had in my head that she was showing the beautiful Octopus Corset from last year and a new image called Smoke. I liked the Octopus series very much and I wasn’t the only one. The piece caused quiet the biding war at last year’s auction. At the time, I’d picked up a couple of different tentacled images by her at the gallery store. They both have pride of place on either side of my bed.

Well, the oh so helpful Amie pointed out that the other image wasn’t from last year but was also a new piece and that it had made her think of me specifically. Hmmmmm. So off we scampered to take a look. I’d seen the image on Eliza’s Live Journal. I’d liked it then and seeing a much larger version up close and in-person I REALLY liked it. So without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of my artwork family…

So freakin excited!!! It will end up in my bedroom in one of two places. Either right by the bed(so I can roll over and see it) or directly above the bed so that it will be VERY noticeable to all the boys and girls that I’ve managed to tempt into my space.

Last note, and a charming coincidence, while I was admiring said piece, which is called Eve, a polite young-man came over and by way of introduction said that he was probably responsible for at least half the hits on my website. He said he’d called many times but has declined to leave a message. I chided him that he really should as he seemed nice and obviously I wasn’t so very scary that he should be nervous about such things. There we were, talking, just like two normal folk(though I did pick up on a slight tremor in his hands). Not sure if he will give in to the temptation in the future, I hope so, but at the very least I took it as the final sign that I needed to buy the photograph that I’d been admiring.

The boy’s name was Adam.

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