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Our very own CSPC getting some mainstream press –

It’s an okay article. Doesn’t seem to be too critical but it’s still an outsider perspective. And as such I think the author’s impressions are pretty accurate.

The demo he describes, involving fire play, sounds awesome. I also find it significant that he picked up on something that I’ve seen with other edge play activities. There isn’t a huge sexual charge to it. Part of that might be that it takes a lot more focus, for safety’s sake. You can’t just be all grabby and lusty when needles or fire are involved.

But what I’ve seen and appreciate about some of the edgier activities in the BDSM realm, whether its play piercing, fire play, suspension, electricity, or even intense canning scenes, is that at its core it is a solo spiritual experience. Yes, it takes two(at least) but the intensity of the sensations all but force the bottom to “go deep” with in themselves.

Which isn’t to say that can’t be a sexual thing. The endorphine high that results from this type of play, combined with a very focused sense of ones own body, can be brought to a nice Face of God type orgasm. But admittedly, in most of the scenes of this magnitude I’ve seen or been party to, the euphoria and acute awareness of the amazing potential and possibilities of ones physical form is orgasm-like enough that all they want after it is to curl up somewhere safe and warm…like their Dominant’s arms.

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