Jan 232008

Back from my cross the board fabulous trip to Portland. Wonderful time filled with some quality one-on-one face time with good friends and one amazing night of kinky goodness.

Regarding the kinky goodness, I’m waiting to hear back from the main party involved to make sure that it is okay for me to post about it before I blast it all over the internet. So in lieu of that, here’s something that is somewhat time sensitive, that I didn’t have time to blog about before I left.

I think it incredibly serendipitous given that I’m about to wax rhapsodic about all the kinky fun I had in Portland that I need to pimp out THIS Seattle event:

For reasons that I don’t completely have the scoop on (but have my suspicions about) The Seattle Erotic Arts Fest, as it has manifested in the past, will NOT be happening this year. Instead there will be a one night gala, a sort of retrospective on SEAF of years past, as well being a fundraiser for next years full weekend long event.

I’ve blogged about SEAF before, and even though this year it will be a different deal, you are still guaranteed an incredibly sexy night that is not to be missed.

Additionally, keep in mind just how much fine art shapes the world we live in. We are a very visual culture and it is one of the major ways we take our cues as to what is acceptable and what isn’t. Basically if you want to live in a sex positive world it is in your best interest to see that erotic art continues to flourish. So put your money where your libido is and come play with like minded folks on a night that is sure to leave your standard gallery walk experience in the dust.

The Gala is being held on March 1st, 2008 at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall. Tickets are on sale now and I STRONGLY advise you to buy them ASAP. This event will most likely sell out and sooner rather then later.


Hope to see you there.

*Last note, the image used for the flyer is by my long time friend and photography bad-ass – Nina Ruchirat. You should check out her site and buy some of her work. It’s a worthwhile investment that will only appreciate in value: http://ninaruchirat.com

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