Jan 242008

It’s been quite awhile since I last made the trek south. Last time was in July for Voodoo Kiss, another fabulous fetish event hosted by my good friend, and personal hero, Ronabell. I’d heard from my Portland pals that Deacon X’s Fetish Night just seemed to keep getting bigger and better every single month.

Notable changes were that the play area has been made considerably larger, which was awesome. I spent most of my time hanging out in this roped off section of the club. It was where most of my friends where, as well as having the best view. Additionally I’m a bit of an energy vampire and it is much easier to feed at close range. I was also trying to keep myself on hand for when Mistress Bella Morte finished sticking needles in people.

The lovely Bella is most definitely a Dominant in addition to being the events resident piercer. But the weekend previous had been her 29th birthday and as part of her natal celebration she wanted to get royally worked over at Deacon X.

Bella and I have known each other for a number of years, and more importantly, she knows my style. I’m not pretentious, I don’t give in to Dommier-then-thou pissing contests, and I tend to be quite the goofy, grinning, grabby spaz when I play. All of which worked for her. She wasn’t interested in being dominated she just wanted to be topped. Basically, I would be doing stuff to her, but trying to make her feel submissive to me wouldn’t be among the activities.

She had given me a very short list of folks that she was cool with working her over. So once she was ready to get going, which involved having a bit to drink and taking a lot of her clothes off, I gave everyone a heads up. Then we got her up on the St Andrews cross and went to work.

Honestly, some of how things went down is a bit of a blur, which is always a good sign after the fact. Just means that I was having so much fun, and getting such a nice contact high, that things like who did what when can’t get a grip in my over stimulated mind. But here’s some high points:

Mistress Mindy, done up in a head-to-toe and tight-as-a-glove latex nun outfit, interspersing swings of a very vicious leather paddle with metal studs by running her luscious booty and breasts against Bella’s increasingly red back-side.

Eric Bloodstorm doing some of his trademark double flogging on her back and butt as well as using what I was told later was a chain-mail flogger(um, ouch). He really likes hair pulling too.

Ronabell jumping in to join us between songs with his wonderfully wicked latigo whip. He looked like he was dancing and that long bit of black leather and pure evil were just an extension of his arm.

And then there was me….I’d asked Bella what she would like me to bring down for her and she said that she’d never been on the receiving end of either canes or rubber paddles. So I made sure to include those in my travel toy bag. I even let her feel each of the toys before we started our scene…so she knew what she’d be getting…sort of. Started off with a ping-pong style leather paddle to warm her up. My next turn up it was the slotted rubber paddle which has a wicked stingy bite to it, especially at the tip. After that it was the thickest of the three canes I brought. It was rattan and pretty wide but still a mean MF and I gave her a pretty thorough working over with it. And that was already after she’d been SM gang raped by everyone else. Before we called it a night we did a last little bit of play with white lightening, my thin plastic cane, and a thick solid rubber paddle.

When I saw her roughly 20 hours later her butt was still very red and of all the toys that were used on her the night before, the three things that left distinct marks – the canes, the rubber paddles and the latigo. She was sore as fuck but happy and rightly impressed that shed taken such a beating.

And then, in response to my voicemail asking if it was okay to post all this, not only did she say hell yeah… she sent me a photo…

…taken 3 days after the event.

Personally, I think it was a wonderful right of passage for the beginning of the last year of her twenties.

And keep in mind that our play was just one scene among many. Lots of pretty girls and boys being worked over and tied up and hung from suspension points. All to a super sexy pounding soundtrack in a dimly lit club space full of fetish dressed folks either dancing, watching the scenes in the play area or seated on the perimeter recovering from the afore mentioned activities.

All around one wonderfully kinky evening.

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