Alas and Alack I have big birthday obligations and will not be able to attend this years fabulous fetish freak show that is Cirque Du Noc…

but that doesn’t mean that you should miss it. In fact you should go and have enough fun for two people and then email me about all the great kinky things you did and saw.

Seriously if you’re looking for a way to test out the Seattle scene THIS WOULD BE A GOOD WAY!

They are serious about the dress code thing so don’t be a weeny and show up in jeans and a polo shirt. At a loss for what to wear? Well basic black(slacks and a button down or nice t-shirt) usually works at most fetish events for boys. This is a bit more of a dress-up event so if you go with that, glue some devil horns to your forehead to make it more of a “costume”. Not feeling horny? Well most folks look good in a tux. Or skip the shirt and jacket and just do the slacks, bow tie and cuffs ala Chippendale.

Need more ideas? Try stopping by the Crypt on Capitol Hill. Tell then where you are going and let them play dress-up with you. Bonus – they just moved(into the old Vogue space) and are having a sale on leathers. Mmmmmmmm…leather. Also, chicks dig pirates. I’m just sayin…

Cirque Du Noc is one of the two big yearly fundraiser events for the Center for Sex Positive Culture(formerly and affectionately known as the Wetspot). The other event being the Seattle Erotic Arts Fest which I wouldn’t miss even if I was in a full body cast. Both events are super sexy places to schmooze with others, get your flirt on, do a bit of kinky networking. And even if you’re the shy type its worth going for the eye candy alone.

One last note, it can be hard to break into the scene if you are a single guy. Seattle is a pretty tribe minded town and the kink community has to have a certain amount of this to protect itself and its members. A great way to show that you are a good person and worth getting to know is by volunteering. You will be helping out a good cause, getting a bit of street cred and you’ll end up meeting a ton more people then you would by just showing up at an event by yourself. They can always use more helping hands, especially with set up and take down.

Something to think about.

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