Jan 092008

Just did a website update.

Added some things to the Games Page to reflect my new tasty toy acquisitions(see last entry).

Added a new comment on the Contact Page to remind folks that emailing me to check my availability is as silly as emailing someone to ask what time it is. Once you get an answer the information is already outdated.

The big updates were to the Links and Reviews pages.

I’ve added a link to my long time friend, sirriamnis’s, newish advice website. You know I’m all about words of wisdom delivered with wit:

And a link to my new friend, Master D’s, professional site. I’ll be blogging about him and his unique, and much need, service in the next week. Meanwhile take a look:

I also added a link to a collection of graphic novels on Amazon that I want…cause I’m a greedy little bitch that apparently didn’t get spoiled enough at Xmas. The image that started this post is from the series.

There were a whole bunch of new reviews from grateful playmates that have been piling up since October. Finally got them all edited for discretion and posted.

But my favorite review of the New Year wasn’t from a playmate, but a party guest. A couple of sweet twenty-somethings, friends of friends, who had this to say of me the next day –

“That dominatrix lady was really nice”

I don’t know whether I should smack their asses or pinch their cheeks…but I think I may have to use that quote in all my advertising from now on.

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