Dec 162007

Xmas comes early for those of you who enjoy my pornographic prose. Here’s the next bit to the on-going writing project that is “Slut”. As promised, this bit’s a little racier then the last installment. And as before, if you need to find the previous chapters, search under “slut” or “story”.



There is something so satisfying about peeling off your street layers when you get home. Umbrella in the stand, purse on the table, coat on the hook. I stroll back to the bedroom and continue the job. Unzip the boots then toss them into the closet, pull the skirt down over my hips and place it on the back of a chair, unhook my garter belt and use it to roll down my stockings. Those go on the back of the chair as well. I unbutton the crisp white blouse but leave it, the black bra and black boy cut panties on. My version of lounge wear.
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Dec 022007

At long last here’s the next nibble to the story started on my website( I’ll be leaving that bit up there and posting the rest of the story, as I work through it, on this blog. Again, this is a work in progress, so it’s still a bit rough.

But hey, its free porn, so quite your bitchin.


I hate the strange Seattle behavior of walking around in the rain without an umbrella. Like people are trying to look so outdoorsy that they don’t care if they get wet or not. That’s fine if they’re tromping through the Hoh Rainforest. But in an urban environment it just makes them look at best forgetful, at worst stupid. How long do you have to live in this town before you recognize what is likely to become a rainy day? Personally I own 5 bumbershoots. I view color coordination as a daily responsibility and a simple way we can all make the world that much more attractive.

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