Mar 192008

Just got an email the other day from my buddy Mistress Bella Morte titled “Better late then never”. She has been the guardian of the photographic evidence from back when Voodoo Kiss(the darling Ronabell’s utterly inspired play parties) were being held at Venom Studio.

So these are a couple of years old now. But still damn sexy. And are yet more documentation of just how happy teasing and torturing people makes me. What’s somewhat sad is that our willing victim had a blindfold on for most of the scene so he couldn’t even enjoy that predatorial grin.

Good times. Looking forward to this year’s event although July is still a long ways off. I’ll be sure to keep ya’ll posted since, as you can see, it’s a very good time.


****Forgot to mention – Photos were taken by Roger w/Circle 23 and the Hottie in the hat is Mistress Bella Morte****

Jan 182008

Those of you who I’ve seen recently already know about this but I’m heading down to Portland this weekend. I have a number of truly wonderful friends there that are worth the drive to see. But there is an additional draw…

Portland’s kink scene is AWESOME!!!

In a recent conversation with one of my afore mentioned Portland peeps we were discussing part of why this is. I’d known that the incredibly liberal laws that the city had regarding strip clubs had created a great loop hole for things like public fetish events. But I hadn’t known exactly what law it was. Turns out its their freedom of speech law, which is one of the most liberal in the nation.

What this translates to is not only can you enjoy a nice scotch on the rocks while a nubile and nakid nymph publicly dances for your pleasure BUT if you go to something that bills itself as a “Fetish Event” in Portland you’re gonna see people smacking each other around god damn it. All consensual of course.

One of my big gripes about Seattle is that if you go to a open-to-the-public fetish event, sure some of the attendees might be wearing fetish gear, but that’s as crazy as the night is gonna get folks. We do have the SPCC aka the Wetspot. And yes, becoming a member is neither difficult nor expensive. But the very fact that it is not a public space, that the activities that it promotes have been designated by our laws as too dangerous for public consumption, makes me wonder how we can really call ourselves a liberal city at all.

So I’ll be hauling my sassy self down to a truly liberal town and royally getting my kink on this weekend. If you find yourself in the neighborhood and feel like checking it out make sure to read over the event website first. They are serious about ALL of the rules they have posted including the dress code. It’s a pretty intense scene with everything from short spanking scenes to full body suspension going on. Definitely not for the faint of loin. But the music kicks ass, the space is well laid out with places to play, dance and socialize and the people are HOT HOT HOT.

I’ll be doing at least one birthday spanking scene, which I am very excited about. Especially since I heard that my willing victim is more nervous about what I’ll be doing with the vibrator then with the canes and rubber paddles she requested I use.

Silly pervert. Clits are for kids..


One last note regarding scheduling. I won’t have my computer with me so email is the WRONG way to try to reach me until Wednesday. I do still a have a few day/times open but you’ll need to call to reserve them. I will be answering my phone while I’m out of town…ya know, when I’m not smacking people around.

Have a great weekend. I sure plan to.

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