Mar 192008

Just got an email the other day from my buddy Mistress Bella Morte titled “Better late then never”. She has been the guardian of the photographic evidence from back when Voodoo Kiss(the darling Ronabell’s utterly inspired play parties) were being held at Venom Studio.

So these are a couple of years old now. But still damn sexy. And are yet more documentation of just how happy teasing and torturing people makes me. What’s somewhat sad is that our willing victim had a blindfold on for most of the scene so he couldn’t even enjoy that predatorial grin.

Good times. Looking forward to this year’s event although July is still a long ways off. I’ll be sure to keep ya’ll posted since, as you can see, it’s a very good time.


****Forgot to mention – Photos were taken by Roger w/Circle 23 and the Hottie in the hat is Mistress Bella Morte****

Jan 282008

Bella just emailed me these. It looks like I was playing hide and seek with the photographer but there’s still some nice compositions. I feel much love for Bella, and was very honored to get the chance to play with her like this, and I think it comes through.

And my hair looks great.


There might be more photos of me from this event taken when I was watching others take their turn. Bella will get a CD from the resident shutterbug at next months event and then I’ll know.

May 162007

As anyone who knows me, and/or has played with me since, is aware I got my very first tattoo last June. The design was one that I had been muling over for many years and once I found the artist that I felt safe entrusting my flesh to, I let myself be inked.

I don’t regret my choice in the slightest, the piece came out even better than I had hoped and the physical discomfort, while notable, was temporary. However the piece is somewhat large, especially for a first tat. All total it involved three visits of roughly 3 1/2 hours each. I’m not a masochist, though I do have a pretty good pain threshold. And I like having my back played with, but there was nothing sexy about this sensation play.

Right before I went in for my first appointment a good friend, with many tattoos, had some inspiring words to share. I was having some very understandable panic over committing myself to so many hours of pain and of a type I’d never experienced before. His advice was to not see the experience as the needle putting something on me, but instead as pulling something out. That the design had been within me all along and that this was just the process of setting it free. A part of myself that I always knew was inside me, that I was finally ready to show to the world.

It still freakin hurt but it put me back into a spiritual head-space which is exactly what started me on the path to begin with.

I know plenty of people that have numerous tattoos. I also know a surprising number of folks(this is Seattle after all) who have no tattoos. I don’t know many folks who have just one.

But despite the small demographic I will stand among that last group. The piece I have was never meant to be the first of many, and that it took me over 30 years to get it should attest to the fact that it was not a spur of the moment decision or giving into any type of fad. I wanted one tattoo, this one, and I wanted it on my lower back, where it is. Ta Da! Done!

The following images are by Roger of Circle 23. I couldn’t pick a favorite so here’s four from the “best of” file. Feel free to vote for your favorite:

Might not be work safe

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Apr 102007

Okay one more that’s a bit…darker

This one is courtesy the amazing Roger with Circle 23 and features a sexy Portland boy some of you might recognize…

I think it’s kinda funny since I am so NOT the “Lick my boots, worm!” type of Domme. Still a cool shot though and it does make me a bit tingly below the waist.

Apr 102007

More photo teasers that will soon be on my website. Sorry I’ve been draggin my feet(Bwah Ha Ha!) about doing the update but the resulting changes will hopefully be worth the wait.

These are for the boys with a fondness for…well…I think it’s pretty evident.


Like much in the BDSM realm, I knew I loved foot worship way before I knew there was a term for it. And also like much of BDSM, playing professionally has brought things to a whole new and glorious level.

I haven’t had an orgasm from toe sucking alone but I’ve been damn close. Added to that wonderful but strange nerve connection is the fact that every foot fetishist I’ve ever played with has been sweet, gentle and extremely respectful in how they fondle the objects of their devotion.

My only frustration is a symantic one. A foot fetishist is usually what one would call the individual doing the worshiping, not the one being worshiped.

So for lack of a more exact and appropriate label, I’ll just call myself a foot fetishist fan.

Apr 052007

A truly awesome post about the world’s most popular fetish and where such pervy-ness comes from:

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