Nov 132007

These guys are just so awesome. Yeah for smart and funny sex ed! They’ve got two other new episodes out in addition to this one. Episode #7 (Homosexuality 1) and Episode #9 (Syphilis). You can see them all on their website at No work unfriendly images but the audio content…plug in your head phones.

Also on the topic of male masturbation here are a couple of product reviews that I’ve been meaning to post for awhile. Since I’ve included product pictures that might get some folks fired I’ve put the rest of this post behind the cut:

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Obviously I don't have the right equipment to test these myself. Okay, I've got some cool equipement, but what I have is detachable and doesn't have any nerve endings. But I did have a very willing guinea pig and I forc…I mean…asked him to give me feedback while the toys were in use.

First up:

Although I’d like to see more boys exploring the fun sensations of vibrators. And having a toy that places a nice strong bullet vibe right at the head of the cock, where its most sensitive, seems like a great idea. But the designers missed the mark by a lot. The sheath is hard to put on, even with lube and a solid erection, and has a habit of suction cupping to the head once on. That could be a fun feeling but once you start stroking it kind of works its way up and then is a pain to work it back down again. You basically have to take it off to break the suction and then put it back on again. Maybe if the sheath was longer, but as is(size pictured on the box not next to the box), its way too short for most boys. I imagine that with practice one could find a way to make this toy work. But toys are supposed to make coming easier not more difficult. If you wanted to work that hard you could just go find yourself a 22 year old to have sex with.

I give The Hooded Wonder a 1 spank out of 10 rating.

Next up:

We liked this toy. A lot. Simple yet effective design of a jelly(silicone) sleave with more stimulating nubbins on the inside then you can shake a stick at. Just lube yourself up and slip inside. Extra bonus, this would be a great toy for folks trying to wean themselves off the dreaded “death grip” Lots of sensation and it works best with light pressure and slow or fast strokes. Potential downside, is that given its a jelly, which makes it really pliable and easy to get on no matter what your size, it probably won’t be the toy that lasts you a lifetime. But at only $12 you’ll more then get your money’s worth. Jelly’s are also impossible to fully sterilize so no sharing and they do tend to pick up lint easily so don’t store this one in your sock drawer.

I give the Hand Job Stoker a 9 spanks out of 10 rating.

Remember that you will always be the best and most loyal lover you will ever have. But even the best of relationships take work. So why not grab some lube and work that relationship tonight.

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