Apr 032008

I haven’t posted for awhile as my schedule has officially given into spring madness, even if our weather has yet to get on board. But I’ve got a whole bunch of super sexy stuff going on this week so I will have much to report come Monday. The kinky fun got started last night and involved the lovely and talented Ms. Valerie Strangiato, myself and a microphone.

Valerie and I have known each other for…we tried to do the math last night and it was some what disconcerting, so lets just say a very long time. Well, as part of her expanding offerings on her insightful advice website(http://www.valeriestrangiato.com/) she’s going to start posting pod casts and she asked me to be her first interview.

She had some great questions, everything from how did I get into the industry to what is my biggest pet peeve with Femme Domme porn. Both of us are pretty chatty ladies, especially on the topic of sex, so the conversation was very tangent ridden and long. But thanks to the blessings of editing some day soon our rambly pod cast will become something worth listening to by others. I’ll post a link as soon as it’s up but I wanted to share the good news for all you boys and girls that like hearing what I have to say…or at least like listening to my voice.

Next news, is my recommendation on a must have item…couple of them actually. One of my absolute favorite artists is soon to release another tabletop collection of his wonderful work:

He’s even offering a discount for those of you who don’t have his first book, if you buy it with your pre-order for volume XX.


I have been in LOVE with Krysztof’s bodacious beauties for a many years. I’ve listed some of my favorite pieces on my links page. I don’t know if this will be a limited run offering but to be on the safe side(and because I will barely be able to wait till May to get my hot little hands on it) I’ve already ordered my copies.

Mr Charm School himself will be at SAKE tonight with a couple of his lovely ladies for sale. I fully intend to go all groupie on him when I see him there.

Lastly, a note on scheduling. As I stated at the start of this post, all that tree and plant sperm floating in the air is having its usual “invigorating” effect on my playmates and there-by my schedule. No girl is ever sad to see her dance card full, but I did want to give a heads up to all you kinky boys who like to wait to the last minute to try to schedule time with me. Weekends in particular will be a lot harder to reserve. This weekend and next are fully booked though I do still have time during the week, afternoons and evening. That last bit won’t last long, so pack away procrastination with your winter clothes and plan ahead for your play time.

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