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“Dear Mistress

i had e-mailed you along time ago and you said that if i had questions i could ask i’m not sure if that is still ok. i was wondering what this feminization process is.what one has to do is it like wearing a corset,dressing up as a woman,strap-on,i’m confused on what i read on the internet.

Thank You for your time”

My very restrained, polite and proper reply:

I know that the internet can be confusing in what it has to say about kink but for legal reasons, as well as professional preference, I don’t choose to discuss activities outside of appointments. But I have had some things to say about this activity during a recent podcast which you can find here:

More Sex EDGE-U-cation with Mistress Katherine — Podcast #245 – 11/10/10

I start talking about feminization at around the 13min mark.

If you’re still feeling very nervous I do offer Just Talk sessions(info can be found on the FAQ page of my website) if you’d like to discuss your interests without the pressure of turning word into action same day.

M Katherine

The internet and is breadth(though often strangely one-sided focus) with regard to kinky activities can be very confusing to someone searching it for answers for the very first time. I do think that most folks who’ve invested at least a couple of hours should have a bit more of a grasp of what an activity like feminization is about then this writer has demonstrated. But he did mention his age, which I’ve redacted for privacy, and lets just say its of a generation not generally known for its web surfing skills.

Of course he did mention that he’s emailed me before. AND this email has more then a slight smell of a fishing expedition, where by a time wasting wanker will try and get a lady such as myself to invest much time and energy spelling out in detail, for their future(or current if its done over the phone) masturbatory pleasure, all the wonderful kinky things I would/could do to them..but never will because THEY ARE JUST A TIME WASTING WANKER with no intention of ever actually seeing me.

Credit it to the holiday spirit but I decided erring on the side of optimism and generosity was the lesser evil in this case. He gets the basic, consistent party line. There’s plenty of free wank worthy material on my website as it stands. And if he’d like something more personally tailored, but isn’t quite ready to strap on a pair and fully put himself in my clutches he’s welcome to book a chat.

Bonus stocking stuffer was the podcast link which I’ve now finally gotten around to posting here for anyone who might be stalking this blog but is still Facebook phobic.

There are two parts to the insanely fun and fabulous podcast that I did with the amazing and sexy Dr Dick(greatest sex educator name EVAR), below is the first part. We chat about my upbringing, why I like kink so much, a few of the kinky things that I like to do with people, I ramble on a bit about my spirituality and how trees turn me on, I get more then a bit ornery defending the often libeled rights and general awesomeness of my clients and at one point I even have an unexpectedly intimate moment with his dog. They’re both worth a listen, but of course I would think that wouldn’t I…

Sex EDGE-U-cation with Mistress Katherine — Podcast #243 – 11/03/10

And while you’re there check out the rest of his site! It’s especially nice for boys who like boys(or think they might) as well as us girls who find all that boy on boy sexuality intriguing, but very much a great resource for anyone who likes sex.

Speaking of holiday cheer, I’ll dropping by The Cuff again this Friday, this time to get my picture taken with Santa at the Seattle Men in Leather fundraiser.


Also got a jam packed Sunday which includes some quality hang time at the always entertaining Fem Domme Tea at the CSPC:

Followed by putting in a supportive appearance at the lovely Princess Andie’s Gallery show and fundraiser. Love her stuff SOOOO much – this is one of my favs(that would make a great Xmas gift *hint*hint*hint*)

Then home for a power nap and some hard core primping before strutting my stuff at Strict Machine’s one year anniversary.

Fight the Seattle seasonal urge to hibernate and come join in the fun!

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