Operation late night shenanigans…complete!

So last night did indeed call for a bit of club hoping. I had a very cute boy on stand-by and gave him a ring to let him know that I’d be by to retrieve him shortly…granted that shortly may have taken a bit longer then I’d planned. It’s been far too long since I got myself all dressed up for a night with the dark and spooky kids so there were some wardrobe issues.

Said issues resolved I grabbed the boy and we headed off into the thick of full Saturday night insanity in the Pike/Pine neighborhood. Once upon a blessed number of years ago, I lived in this portion of the Hill. I saw it go from a bit rowdy on the weekends to nonstop party land during my 3 years tenure there. It’s a big part of why I so love the kinder gentler Capitol Hill hood that I now call home.

But when you’re lookin to get your rowdy on, Pike/Pine has the densest collection of options. First stop was Club Vogue in the Neighbors Underground space. A little shell shocked from the sheer number of people out on the street, I was disturbed to see a few very young(not a huge issue) and VERY casually dressed(huge issue) individuals emerge from the club as we approached the door. Now I recognize that Seattle takes casual clothing culture a bit too much for granted…but for fucks sake…its a GOTH club. A quick interview of the bouncer explained the matter. The party happening in the upstairs space, being thrown by a gaming company as part of PAX had spread to the downstairs venue as sort of a reject overflow.

I’m usually pretty good at listening to my gut…usually. But the desire to be off the street with a nice Jameson and coke in hand was too strong, so in we went. I think we lasted a half hour, max. Goddess bless DJ ED for trying his best with the tune-age. But there was no bringing sexy back that Saturday night…at least not at said venue. At it was seriously cramping my lusty style as the boy and I some making out to do and this was clearly not the place.

So change of scene and scenery! A few blocks and only one serious pause where we considered just heading back to my place for guaranteed good music, hot people and a very sexy vibe…and no need for silly things like clothes(I blame the smooching), and we managed to find the groove we were looking for.

Sometimes I like a little bit of a tease. It is pretty much the full extent of my masochism. Being out amongst other people and being socially restricted on just how far I can take things makes the eventual removal of restrictions that much more intense. It can be a bit edgy as my sense of what one can and should do in public has been blown all the hell for years(I blame the public places I often hang out in).

So “safely” seated amidst the much sexier and stylish surroundings of the Mercury…the games begin. See my companion for the night is quite the naughty submissive and his personal masochism extends far beyond a tolerance for teasing. But despite the amount of leather, vinyl and skin on display around us (not to mention the known kinky proclivities of a few familiar faces) Seattle has some annoying and archaic laws regarding what grown ups are allowed to do to each other in establishments serving alcohol. Fucking nanny laws. So sure My date could be wearing an electric dog collar on his balls that I remotely but quite openly manipulate…but my making him stand spread eagle against the wall while I torture his boy bits the old fashioned way – pull back leg then swing forward at speed till boot makes contact…not an option as things legally stand.

I had to satisfy myself by winding one hand to the back of his neck, pulling him to me for a kiss while discreetly pulling a bit of his shirt out of his pants so that I could worm my other hand in to caress the bare flesh of his sides. Then thrusting my tongue into his mouth, holding him hard in place I viciously sink all my fingernails in.

The Merc was lovely, just what we were looking for…and yet I think we only managed to last a half hour there too.

Sometimes it takes getting what you want to show you what you really need.

‘night all…

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