Aug 222010

Loving this weather but hoping it isn’t messing with anyones outdoor plans. Think I might stop for a walk through the park on the way out to visit w/the fam. The bod is a bit sore from a recent upgrade of my work-out routine and some serious cardio of the nakid kind so a nice stroll seems like a good exercise compromise. Still can’t be too annoyed…all these aches and pains were so very worth it.

For now, a hot mug of oolong, a BLT and some perfect mood music for a moist Sunday afternoon.

Also a couple of quick plugs one important, one entertainment:

First up KOMO just did a report on this very admirable organization, which you can watch here:

I can’t personally do more then donate since my animal family has feathers and I like to keep my home as allergen free as possible. But if you or anyone you know is looking to adopt or have room in their life and homes for fostering, these are great people to work with. My GF used to foster kittens for them, which for those who like the additional cuteness factor and don’t mind the occasional poo in their shoes side of things it can be a great way to help out and get your daily LOL cat fix. Here’s a link to their website. Please feel encouraged to pass the links along to others and/or post on your own blogs/networking sites.

Next up, just watched the first episode of this new show. I seriously adore Laura Linney as an actress and have ever since her Tales of the City days. It looks to be equal parts humor and drama, the writing is extra tight and the performances are rock solid. If you like such things you should check it out:

Still working on that cuckolding post for you pervy boys who are holding your…breath it might come along later today but most likely tomorrow.

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