File under…Seriously!!!

Now I throughly enjoy the smell of pussy…hows that for an opening line…but I think this product is taking things a bit far.

The marketing is all over the place, but what I can garner out of it is that this is not yet another noxious bit of female hating bullshit in the form of feminine hygiene spray. Who wants their vag to smell like a “country lane after a spring rain”(that would be the scent of cow shit and mud).

No, this product seems to go the other way by saying the smell of happy pussy is so awesome sauce that all you need do is apply a bit of this scent to experience instant orgasmic bliss. More confusing is they seem to suggest that those of us with our own ladies parts, and there by lady smell, buy this product to turn ourselves on. WTF!!??!!

News flash to male marketing people the world over, being able to smell ourselves usually means one of two things…we ARE incredibly turned on…there’s a cause and effect thing goin on there that probably shouldn’t be messed with. And the only products you may need at that point are condoms, dental dams and/or some double A batteries.

The other times we may be able to smell ourselves are when the lady parts are seriously NOT happy…which is something that can happen if you’re putting a bunch of irritating fragrance in, on or around one of the most delicate and temperamental of eco systems. And all the images on the site of bottomless strippers holding the box of scent in front of their own boxes seems to imply thats where you’d be applying it and not “See how clever we are? A perfume called Vulva in front OF a vulva…Get it!”.

I am not so naive as to not recognize that folks have been manipulating sense of smell since hunter gathers first figured out that being downwind of your pray is better then being upwind. And there’s part of me that is almost impressed by the sheer directness of this ploy. Why make women smell like an exotic chemical laced flower when men really just want to be able to smell that she’s ready to be pollinated.

But I mostly suspect that the makers of this imagined man bait really just misconstrued what was going on with all those chicks selling their worn panties on Ebay.

This bit of sarcastic social satire is brought to you today by the letter S for seriously, thats just sad.

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