May 052009

So I’m working on a post all about my SEAF adventures. Hey, its comin, we’re talking about three whole nights of kinky goodness after all.

In the mean time, and because it is somewhat time sensitive, I wanted to post about a new event that is happening this Thursday night.

This is the blurb they had about it on one of the kink networking sites:

date: Thursday, May 07, 2009
time: 10:00 PM to 02:00 AM
where: REBAR
cost: $7
dress code: Fetish/Kink/something clever and fun. If nothing: you’ll be dressed down to your underwear.

Get your rocks off and your candy licked at the Rebar, first Thursdays starting May the 7th!

Invite your kinky, sexy, fun friends! Come prepared to bust a move, smack some ass and have a blast with us! Free your mind and our asses will follow!

The event is being sponsored by Scott Paul Designs, and and is likely to be a hard-to-find-in-Seattle blend of straight, gay and everything in-between kinksters. The crowd is sure to be, um, diverse and entertaining.

I chatted with a couple of the organizers at SEAF last weekend and have a really good feeling about this event. Especially since they both feel the same level of annoyance that I do about how hard it is to get folks to fucking dress-up in this damn town. I’m pretty sure they are serious about stripping you down to your panties if you show up without having made an effort to dress appropriately.

I did ask(even though I pretty much knew the answer) if there will be actual play permitted on the premises and despite the “smack some ass” comment this will NOT be a play party. Seattle, alas, has some seriously puritanical ideas about what consenting adults can be trusted to do to each other in a public space, especially when there is alcohol involved. So look at this as yet another great opportunity to meet folks that you may get to play with in the legal privacy of your own home.

Personally I’m just looking forward to seriously getting my flirt on, getting another night to play dress-up(no, SEAF was NOT enough), getting my dance groove on which is so much easier to do when I’ve had a drink or two, and, of course, getting to put my hands all over my girl, while she does all of the above, without having a bunch of photos taken of us(you’ll have to wait for my SEAF post to get the nitty gritty on that comment).

Hope to see ya there.

Oops, and lastly GREAT BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES TO sirriamnis

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