May 292009

Lily Allen’s new song Guess Who Batman(aka Fuck You Very Much) performed by a bunch of utterly adorable young gay youtube kids, with a cameo from one of their mothers. No NSFW images but there is a good bit of swearing as the name implies.

It’s a nice bit of uplift after a few of the civil liberty bomb drops of the past week or so, from unnecessarily heavy-handed recent raids on a number of much beloved local massage parlors to the California Supreme’s unsurprising, though very disappointing, Prop 8 decision. Some how recent victories in the areas of civil rights make the lost battles all that much more depressing. Damn my civic optomisim…I keep thinking we’re evolving as a society and then someone comes along and takes a big poo in my front yard.

In other uplifting news the much anticipated advent of warm weather has had its usual affect on my social calendar. Lots of fun adventures planned that involve gettin the hell outta Dodge for a few days. Last weekend I slipped away to Hyak with a few pals to see the last of the snow and spend much goofy time around the fireplace. On the way back down the mountain I spent a very spiritually grounding afternoon frolicking beside a river. I’ve already made plans to drag my girl up there with me next time so she can enjoy the beauty of nature too…and I can enjoy her immensely beautiful nakid bod if I can talk her into posing for a bit of a photo shoot.

Other outward bound upcoming activities include a trip up to the Gulf Islands with a bunch of pals, plenty of yet un-named camping, as well as woodsy day, trips, all leading up to my first year attending Paradise Unbound, the CSPC week long outdoor event in the kinky wilds of Redmond/Fall City.

I love the fact that as down-home and mundane sounding as some of my travel plans may seem on the surface, my group of companions pretty much guarantees that at some point(and possibly many) someone is going to get spanked and/or tied up. Who could have foreseen that my good little Girl Scout fire building skills would one day illuminate such acts of perversion.

As much as my country pisses me off sometimes, all I can say is Goddess Bless America.

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