I know its a day early…

but Happy Valentines Day…

What? Were you expecting kittens in a basket?

If you don’t already have plans for tomorrow I strongely suggest checking out this sure to be super sexy event:

Paddles on Parade www.paddlesonparade.org

Fundraiser Auction and Play Party for the Center for Sex Positive Culture
Saturday, February 14th, 2009
6-9p Auction, 9-3a Play Party

Auction Only $15

Basic Members and Guests $35 (Includes the Party After)

Premium Members $15 for the Auction

The Gala Auction features a live piano jazz/blues concert by Kyle Bronsdon. He plays a cabaret style mix of old favorites and original compositions. He will make you laugh, make you cry and make you swoon
for your sweetie.

Over 40 paddles available for bidding. Each hand crafted and selectively designed from members of our community and leading sex-positive supporters. Join us for a special BDSM play party afterwards*.

Featured Artists include
Patrick Fillion, Class Comics creator
Scott Paul, erotic toy maker
Lee Harrington, sex activist and educator
Joe Wheeler, master whip maker
Elsa von Schmaltz from the Von Foxies burlesque troup
Kyle Bronsdon

*Membership required for party. Non-members must get prior permission from the director (director@sexpositiveculture.org ) complete a registration form and have legal ID for entry.

I’ll be there despite the fact that I usually avoid leaving my house on V-day. The cute couple-ness of it all gives me a sugar headache. Being a cronically single individual(no matter how many people I’m dating/fucking) the desperation of some folks to make Feburary 14th into the most romantic day of the year has always seemed sad and short sighted to me. Making plans for just a few days before or after instead could help insure that romantic bistro you’ve been wanting to check out, retains its feeling of intimacy…as opposed to feeling like I-5 at rush hour.

I had been thinking about attending this event and then one of the folks I’m seeing, who has a paddle up for auction, asked me to be his date. I assured him there would be no shame in attending this thing stag and that I could all but promise him he’d be among many who chose to do so. But what the hell, a break from my usual grinch like tradition might be fun…and he’s sweetened the deal by offering to let me play with him at the party that follows the auction. Let’s hope for his sake that I win one of the paddles I’m planning on bidding for. I don’t often give in to my competitive nature…mostly cause I’m a real bitch when I don’t win.

Guess its an extra good thing that I have a play date tonight with an extra hot heavy masochist. If I wear myself out on her tonight I might have to pull my punches tomorrow no matter what my mood is.

What ever your plans may be, and what ever your relationship status, don’t forget its just one day…

and the love we have for ourselves is the most important romance of all.


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