Apr 152008

At long last.

So where were we…Wednesday…two weeks ago…things have been busy.

When we last left our intrepid heroine she had just finished a long-winded but lovely podcast with the infamous Valerie Strangiato.

The fun continued the next night at the much anticipated SAKE event happening down in Pioneer Square. If you missed it, and based on the size of the crowd I don’t know that anyone in Seattle did, well then you missed some damn sexy art being viewed by some damn sexy people. I arrived late(as usual) and caught the event in full wall-to-wall swing. Folks had obviously been availing themselves of the “mostly free” wine and though their conversations were still on-topic appropriate to the artistic surroundings, they had begun to group themselves in small clusters. This made viewing the art in the main SAKE space a bit challenging. As a not unpleasant result I spent much of the night holed up in Studio Q aside from one wonderful conversation held in a corner with a long-distant pal. We had a nice catch up and then moved onto more esoteric topics. Like the advantages of moving away from where you grew up to avoid constantly running into the ex-lovers of your adolescence. This said while standing next to her own recently renewed high school sweet heart. I, however, had just missed a near run in with my own ex-boy of the not nearly as distant past. Sometimes this town really is too freakin small.

Eventually the crowds thinned and I snuck out to give the SAKE artists their due consideration. A number of works stand out in my all to often spotty memory. There were some interesting large scale oil prints depicting very eclectic interpretations of the Tarot. One very calming-among-the-chaos piece, that I recall having seen somewhere before, of a flat green field capped by clear blue skies with a single tree at its center. Beneath the grass, a smooth melding of nude torsos in shades of mustard fill the primordial space. In the gallery just to the right of this very feminine piece was a small though dense display of very phallic centric art. I liked the contrast of the subtle nature piece adjacent to all those cocks. There were a few charming tapestry collages that caught my eye, mostly because there were octopus involved(ummmm…tentacles). Krysztof had brought the two pieces he’d shown at SEAF. It was nice to get the chance to see them again. I always feel like I’m being flirted with when I look at his work. Which if you’ve seen his luscious ladies you know, is a very nice feeling. I was sorely tempted…but first I need to frame the Halloween hottie I bought from him a few months back.

And of course there were a number of fabulous photos from some of this town’s(and Portland’s) best shutter-bugs. Here I allowed myself a little splurge:


My playmates aren’t the only ones with a redhead fetish. Plus I think its a lovely composition.


I like the vintage look to this photo, it has that ghostly feel to it you sometimes get from very old images.

As things were wrapping up I finally had to ask Hypnox were his work was. It was “hidden” right in front of the main entrance. In my defense traffic had been heavily congested right there all night. He had some very sexy alterna girl portraits. He has such an amazing eye for this unique type of beauty. He’d also brought out the two images he had at SEAF; a backlit silhouette of a woman’s torso shot from just below the ribs to just above the breast. There’s a natural, water like flow to the image, I’m not completely sure if it has a blue tint to it or if that’s just the sense I get.

The other image he brought…disturbs me. And that’s just what I told Doug when he asked. Which launched us onto a great conversation topic and the official new bee in my bonnet. I’m not sure if this one will take off quite as well as the “If you had to kill someone, how would you do it?” poll, but it got me thinking. And a number of folks I’ve talked to since, seem to have every intention of investigating further on their own. This topic needs a whole post of its own, especially as it has expanded into a larger topic. So for now I leave you with one word…


The show wrapped up, none too soon, and some of us die hards made it out to the after party at The Mercury. Much drunken fun was had by all. There was a lot of completely unnecessary panty flashing, ass smacking, deep throat kissing and breast exposing. We’d all just spent many hours looking at porn and there were bound to be repercussions. I suspect that those folks who did not make it to the after party were similarly affected and just wanted to work out their, inspiration, in private. Eventually even the exhibitionists among us needed to find our beds, so we all parted ways, and those of us who still could, drove off into the night.

Next up: Friday’s Nakid Ladies.

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