Bend over boyfriend

I just might have to start watching this show again…

My favorite bit is right at the end “Stop being such a pussy.”

Speaking of, if you’re a pussy about open discussion of butt play just stop reading right now.

So here are my thoughts. First, as is probably obvious, this is a comedy sketch. Also, its something being done on TV. And we all know how much both of those worlds like to exaggerate to points beyond what is safe, sane, consensual…

or physically possible…I mean come ON that was a HUGE dildo. There is no WAY that she would be able to get that freakin donkey dong up what’s-his-face’s tight little virgin man ass. And were she to achieve the impossible, the resulting pain and potential anal tearing( a phrase we should all try to avoid) wouldn’t be the slightest bit funny even placed in the hands of the most brilliant comedy writers.

Don’t get me wrong, she looked damn hot wearing it. And I liked the fact that her demeanor, as well as her body posture, changed as soon as she strapped it on. All very sexy and pretty true to form. I obviously don’t need to be wearing my dick to slip into Dominant mode. But there is a certain change that comes over me when I’m sporting my cock. For one thing I have a hard time not stroking it. I also tend to stick out my pelvis and widen my stance. It could be that I’m just mimicking what I see in men. But I’m inclined to say its more then that. That it is a channeling of the power of the penis, the constant desire to put itself some where warm and wet, that is a bit like wearing a divining rod in a lake district.

But as much fun as this energy is, I’m very happy with the girly bits Goddess gave me. As well as the common sense and empathy that is all part of my feminine package.

As much as my playmates might fantasies about being impaled on my joy stick, a certain amount of leading-up-to is usually necessary. Especially for boys that haven’t been pro-active in their anal explorations. Just like most of us learn to masturbate before graduating to intercourse, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with penetration at a speed and size that feels right before letting someone else do the driving. And its not about stretching yourself out so much as training your body to feel comfortable with a type of sensation.

And don’t feel bad if all that ever feels good is the most slender of toys. For a lot of men, one well manipulated finger is all they’ll ever want or need. And that’s totally okay. For some butt boys its more about having their prostate stimulated and the pleasurable emotional overtones of being “taken” then seeing just how large an object they can fit up there and getting “fucked”.

We all have our extreme fantasies. But much like this scene from Weeds, somethings are meant to be experienced, while others…well, let’s just say, don’t believe everything you see on TV.

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