MistressKatheringContactHow to reach me:

When you have rightly decided that I am the prefect Domme for you please send me a brief email introduction which should include your name and age, a very general statement of your interests, the preferred dates and times that you hope to see me, and your references/identity verification information.

I require two provider references OR one provider reference and identity verification from all new potential playmates. For your references, please include: the provider’s name/s and a link to their website/s, the date/s you last saw them (within the last year), contact information and identification you used with them (name, email, and/or phone number), and something unique about you that they might remember. The latter is more likely to be related to personal information you shared, like where you work or kind of work you do, where you’re from, favorite hobbies, or interesting personal experiences. Unfortunately, just saying what you did or what your kinks are is unlikely to help unless your kinks are notably unique. For identity verification you may use your mostly public social media account/s, business networking profile(also mostly unlocked), and/or your personal/professional website. Please provide links to these pages, not just the name they are in. You can use your work to verify your identity, but only if you are listed on the company website or directory and I can connect said info to a social media or professional networking account.

If you can not provided any references, purely at my discretion, I may be satisfied with thorough identify verification and a deposit. I love seeing newbies, so don’t feel discouraged if you have no references. But how cooperative and forthcoming you are with my verification process will make all the difference.

References and identity verification are not necessary for Coaching and Distance Domination sessions done over the phone or via video chat, but full payment is required in advance to hold your reservation.


If you have not heard back from me in three days, but were polite and respectful in your message, then your email or my response to it, may have gone awry so please try again. Titling your email “Session Question” or “New Client Introduction”, reduces its chance of being accidentally deleted as spam.

If you have questions that aren’t addressed on this site you are welcome to email me. But you never get a second chance to make a first impression so do us both the courtesy of reading my site to see if any questions you may have are indeed answered here first.

When are you available?:

I see people seven days a week. The earliest appointment I will schedule is 11am the latest 8pm.. I am a low volume provider and some weeks are busier than others. I strongly recommend allowing yourself the additional pleasure of anticipation by planing your session as far in advance as your schedule safely allows. This is especially advisable if you will only be in town briefly, lack a flexible schedule, and/or would like to see me on a weekend. If it will be your first time seeing me, one month is the furthest in advance I will book without a deposit and please be sure to allow extra time to check your references.

I only offer same day scheduling for phone/Skype sessions but my availability is far from guaranteed and I still require at least an hour notice.

What to expect the day of your appointment:

On the day of your appointment I will email you location information (if meeting in-person) and instructions including my phone number. When you arrive, expect to have time to relax and decompress from the mundane world. All my sessions, whether Coaching or Domination, are planned to allow plenty of time for us to get to know each other and for both of us to ask, and answer, the questions that will ensure the most fun is had by all. Please plan to be sober, well-rested, well-groomed, properly fed and hydrated, and ready to explore.

What if I need to cancel?

I understand that plans change and sometimes we don’t get as much warning as we’d like. Like most small businesses, same day cancellations are very costly and inconvenient. Please give me as much notice as possible if you will not be able to keep your appointment. And if you think you might be coming down with something or may have a scheduling conflict, but still want to stay optimistic, a quick warning call/email is also much appreciated. Depending on how our interactions have gone leading up to your cancellation I may be open to rescheduling with you even if you have to cancel same day (especially if you sent that “heads-up” call/email earlier). If I have any doubts as to your reliability I may require a deposit of half the session tribute to reschedule with you. As most businesses require an appointment/reservation be paid in full if you cancel with less than 24hrs notice I feel this is extremely reasonable. For individuals that can’t be bothered to let me know they won’t be able to keep their appointment…there is the black list. And no one gets off the black list.



*All tribute is for my time and/or a “fantasy show” only. No offer of any other service or activity is to be implied, insinuated or otherwise agreed upon. Any attempt to connect the tribute to an illegal act will result in immediate termination of communication. All interaction beyond a “fantasy show” is between two or more consenting adults and has nothing to do with any financial arrangement. By contacting me, you are agreeing to the above terms.

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