Feb 092009

it also makes me want go after people with a rusty nail spiked bat.

This is stolen(at her suggestion) from my pal Sirriamnis. I remember hearing about this, possibly on the SLOG, a while back. It was ridiculous then…no way would I have guessed the newest developments:

“So, back in December, a twelve year old black girl was outside her house in order to trip a flipped circuit breaker in the box on the side of her house. A white van pulled up, and three men wearing just regular plain clothes, run up to the child, and grab her, telling her, that she is a prostitute and will be coming with them.

Of course the child starts screaming for her father, and fights back. She has to be hospitalized from the injuries inflicted on her by her attackers.

Those three men were cops, who were two blocks from where two older WHITE prostitutes were reported soliciting men.

How three veteran police officers mistook a 12 year old black girl for two older white women, is utterly and completely beyond me.

Three weeks later, the 12 year old was arrested at her school for assaulting the officers.

She is currently on trial.

I cannot believe that in this fucking day and age, that ANY prosecutor could possibly seriously go forward with this case. If she’s found guilty, I officially renounce all my faith in the human race.

If there is ANY justice, those charges would be dropped, those cops would be unemployed and that child would have tuition to any college of her choice, not to mention a nice amount to live on for damn near the rest of her life.

Links: http://www.theagitator.com/2008/12/18/another-isolated-incident-26/

I have two words for those officers who brutalized a 12 year old child in her own yard: Blanket Party. I’ll bring the hammers.

Spread the news. This was all over the web when it first happened, it needs to be all over the web again.
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There isn’t anything about this that’s not completely fucked up. And even though the damage past and present that this child has experienced needs to be paramount, I would like to soap box a bit.

This is EXACTLY the type of thing that keeping prostitution illegal propagates. Vice cops in general, but especially those assigned to the ridiculous task of eradicating the world’s oldest profession, are an especially vile breed. People who still think that the law is there to protect women should spend some quality time hanging out with them. As this case all too clearly illustrates, to some men, all women are whores. And while this country continues to let whores be prosecuted no woman will ever truly be free.

Please spread the word, blog it or write a letter, regarding the victimization of this little girl.

***UPDATE*** A mistrial was called because the jury of 6(standard for kid cases) could not agree. 5 smart poeple found her innocent of all charges and one stupid one found her guilty. The DA does not plan to take the case to court again(this was trial #2)****

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