Sep 292008

Yep, another picture post. This one is specifically for a certain kick-ass photographer in Portland who was sweet enough to acknowledge my stalker level devotion on her own blog today.

I’ve been meaning to post these images of her work in my home for awhile…so at long last here are images of My Alter to Elisa Laso de Valdez…also known as my apartment…

Over the bed we have left to right…Eve, the piece I picked up at the SEAF Gala last year; a further away image from her smoke series, I believe; and the infamous squid corset shot(didn’t get it at SEAF year before last but its the same image the was the Belle of the Bidding Ball that year):

Either side of the bureau, we have two more images from the squid series that were acquired at SEAF the year of the tentacle. A good pal actually called me from the gallery store on Friday night(I was a bit too hung-over from the VIP party the night before and had to miss the official opening) when she saw the them and noted they were the last two left. She got as far as “I’m in the store and there are these two beautiful photos with tenteca…” I stopped her right there and said buy ’em. And then I asked how much they were. What? I like teh tentacles…anyhoo, she ended up putting them on hold for me and during a bit of a clusterfuck the next night when I tried to find them I ended up meeting the artist…she was standing right behind me while I paniced that the lovely tentacle goodness that should have been mine was sold to another. Roger of Circle 23 introduced us, though I think he let me spin a bit longer then necessary…evil imp of chaos.

Side note, the image between those two pretties is a Michael Manning piece called Sweat.

This piece is on the opposite wall to the last one, which need to move, because it is hard to see the details, which are worth seeing. But I like the composition with the branches framing it and the red window frames on either side:

Lastly, is the piece over my couch. I don’t know what it is called but there is another more seen image from this series. I like this one because it looks like the model is leaning over to hear what folks are saying while sitting below her. The brown frame it is in right now will probably be replaced with something with equal borders on all sides

I’d hoped to take pictures with some of my playmates artfully positioned but I guess that will have to come later. I do have a party planned for the end of October and I’m very much looking forward to all of the above loveliness getting a nice big audience to appreciate it. I fully expect to hand out many of her business cards.

I’ve posted it before, and its also on my website, but here’s her link again:

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